Supplier Partner Brochure

Learn about the financial and non-financial benefits of an N1 Buying Group Supplier Partner.

Misconceptions Addressed

We address some of the most common misconceptions and FAQ about becoming a N1 Supplier Partner.

Your Supplier Benefits

Limited Suppliers per product category

N1 limits the number of suppliers per product category, normally a preferred supplier or a preferred and listed supplier by product categories. Suppliers invited to participate in N1 Buying Group will enjoy exclusive access to the N1 membership that will build purchase volumes and enhanced long-term relationships with distributors and multi-site operators.

More sales at less costs

Increase sales by tapping into an existing and eager network of promotional product distributors of all sizes. N1’s Membership is not exclusive territory based or by distributor location so, there is a healthy membership base for new customers. N1 only invites distributors and multi-site operators to join that are willing to work with their fellow Members and have a history of ethical, respectful relationships with others in the industry.

Rebates influence behaviour

It has been proven time and time again that rebates offered by Supplier Partners directly influence Members’ purchasing behavior, growing purchasing volumes to Suppliers. The Suppliers that design valuable rebate programs see the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to Member purchase behaviour.

Exclusive Annual Networking Event

N1 Buying Group hosts an annual event, exclusively for N1 Members and Supplier Partners, that is designed for face-to-face Member-to-Supplier networking, sales discussions and relationship building with key decision-makers.

Added Sales Channels

N1 Supplier Partners gain exclusive access to a “Playbook” of sales tactics for added sales opportunities communicated directly to the Members through authoritative communication channels. Members recognize these as privileged opportunities and respond well to these exclusive promotions.

Suppliers always get paid!

Accounts Receivable credit insurance is set up with each of our Distributor/Operator Members, so Member payments are guaranteed to the Supplier. Some conditions apply.

Streamlined invoicing and payments

The best invoicing and payments platform a buying group can operate on is with LBMX, which is an electronic delivery of invoices and electronic collections and payments (Direct Debit). No credit cards, no collection calls.

Why Suppliers Like the Buying Group Model

• Vendors only need to invoice one entity, the buying group, instead of each manufacturer individually
• Low cost and ease of doing business
• An opportunity to expand their market presence across the country
• The buying group always pays its bills on time

Video: What makes a great N1 Supplier Partner?

How the Group Works

Member Purchasing Process

Members still negotiate their own prices with every N1 Supplier Partner. Rebates earned by the group are in addition to any discounts the Member negotiates on its own with each supplier.

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Supplier Selection Process

Suppliers are recruited and asked to present a program to N1 Members during one of N1 Suppliers Selection Meetings.

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Supplier Program Negotiations

Every N1 Supplier Partner establishes a set of standard payment terms and a rebate program that they will offer to all members on their purchases.

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