June 14, 2018

N1 Buying Group Makes Strong Impact at Its First ICA Show

CHICAGO (June 14, 2018) The N1 Car Wash Buying Group exhibited for the first time at the International Carwash Association (ICA) Show in Las Vegas.  The Car Wash Show is the largest industry event drawing distributors, operators and suppliers from across the country.  As a first time exhibitor, N1 reached hundreds of potential members and vendors during the 4-day trade show and conference.  As a result, over 20 suppliers and 20 members are now partnering for improved profitability through the buying group. 

The N1 message appears to be spreading through the industry.  “We are better together.”

New members include, the Hoffman Car Washes, Bozeman Distributors, and WashHounds.  New suppliers include Qual Chem LLC., Ahearn Signs, AutoMat Washers and Supply, Aqua Bio Technologies, International Drying Corporation, Car Wash World (Continental), NewWave Industries/Purclean, and Vacutech LLC.

Industry conferences like the ICA Show, present terrific opportunities for the N1 team to have face-to-face discussions with distributors and operators who might be considering membership in the buying group.  Even more importantly, the ICA Show creates a forum allowing an open exchange of information regarding N1’s purpose in the car wash industry, as well as, other topics related to improved profitability in the professional car washing segment.

“The Car Wash Show was a great opportunity for the N1 Buying Group to meet with independent distributors and multi-location operators. Our message of ‘Better Together’ seemed to ring true in all of our conversations. The folks that we spoke to all walked away with a better sense of how they can be more successful and profitable by joining N1,” remarks Dayne Heimburg, the General Manager of N1.

N1 Members and Suppliers attending the show acted eagerly to present testimonials; sharing first-hand, the benefits of belonging to the buying group and doing so with passion for the N1 vision… “we are better together.”

The N1 Buying Group encourages other distributors and multi-location operators who share the vision of independence to visit the N1 booth at upcoming events; Midwest Car Wash Show (MCA) in June, Southeast Car Wash Show (SECWA) in September, Northeast Regional Carwash Convention (NRCC) in October, and Western Carwash Association (WCA) in November.

If you’re not able to visit the N1 team at these shows, please visit www.N1buyinggroup.com for more information and contact details.

The N1 Buying Group has been created to add value to its members (Distributors and Multi-Site Operators) and suppliers in the car wash industry.  The N1 Buying Group leverages the collective purchasing power of its members to improve profitability for members and to create a platform of growth for suppliers.

The need for N1 Buying Group was identified by the founders and came from the fact that businesses in the car wash industry do not have an organization that can leverage the purchasing power of a group of independent operators and distributors.  There is also a need to create a forum focused on improving products and supply chain processes. The N1 Buying Group’s goal is to address these two primary concerns.

The N1 Buying Group is the first of its kind in the car wash industry.  There are no other buying groups in the car wash industry that focus on operators and distributors.



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