How do the buying programs work?

How are the rebates paid to members?

How do I become an N1 supplier?


All operator/distributor members are assigned a unique Member # for their master account and for any individual ship-to accounts.


In its simplest form, a buying group is the coming together of similar independent businesses to leverage their combined purchasing power to receive better net costs and terms on the products they buy. 

A one-time $1,500 Setup Fee on N1’s billing platform.

An annual $3,500 Membership Fee.

The annual Membership Fees are designed to ensure Member participation and engagement at N1 Events. These funds are used to help cover Member airfare, accommodations, and meals to attend the annual Members’ meeting.

N1 Membership is for car wash distributors and multi-site operators. Membership is by application only, with the overriding criteria of distributors and operators doing business ethically and respectfully. The ideal Member fit is distributors that will be able to meet a $300,000 annual purchasing threshold through N1 Supplier Partners, and multi-site operators operating 4 or more wash locations that are currently purchasing directly from their suppliers.

No, N1 believes in freedom of choice in who operators/distributors buy from! Members are encouraged, and rewarded, but are not required to switch all their purchases through to the Group’s participating Supplier Partners.

Only the Supplier Selection Committee will know the full terms of the rebate programs. Strict enforcement of N1 Supplier Partner confidentiality enables suppliers to offer better overall pricing only to N1 Members without the risk of competitors or other of the supplier’s non-buying group customers knowing and saying “me too!”

Rebates are a powerful tool for both the Supplier Partners and the Members. Suppliers like rebates for two main reasons;

  • firstly, they protect the “street price” of their products
  • secondly, they can structure the rebates as such that they only pay for member performance and loyalty


The Members benefit from rebates because they are able to protect negotiated pricing and the margins made on the sale of the products. Then, at the end of the year the rebate check comes in and goes straight to the bottom line!

Rebates are returned to each Member proportionally as they have been earned.  For example, if Member A purchased 5% of the total Group purchases they would receive the same 5% of the earned rebates for each supplier program. N1’s unique central billing and payment model allows line item tracking and a complete audit trail to ensure each member receives their portion of any earned rebates.

Each N1 member is required to meet credit criteria.  In addition, third-party Accounts Receivable Insurance is used to greatly reduce the impact of any default.  In the rare occasions where a member defaults on payment, N1’s AR insurance will pay the supplier payment within 90 days.  Account Receivable Insurance is a proven risk reducing strategy that works well with buying groups.


Request to Join & Needs Analysis

After expressing interest in becoming a new supplier, N1 will conduct a needs analysis of your proposed product categories. If the supply category is in current need, the supplier will proceed to committee presentation.

Present Offering to Selection committee

N1 will organize a date and time for the supplier to present their offering to the Supplier Selection Committee. N1 provides the supplier with a presentation template to populate with the exact answers the committee is looking for.

The Selection Committee Votes

After careful consideration and due diligence, the Committee will vote to deny or accept the proposed supplier as an N1 Supplier Partner. N1 will present the supplier with a contract if accepted.


We understand that you need to do what is right for your business so, if you decide, for whatever reason, N1 is not a fit for your business, you may leave at any time.


A one-time $1,500 Setup Fee and a $3,500 Annual Membership Fee. The Annual Membership Fees are designed to ensure Member participation and engagement at N1 Events. These funds are used to help cover Member airfare, accommodations and meals to attend the annual Members’ meeting.


An N1 Buying Group Membership is for independent car wash distributors and multi-site operators in the US wanting to add significant financial opportunities. Membership is by invitation or application only.


After completing the Membership Agreement and paying your Membership Fees, you are now eligible to start earning rebates on your purchases with N1 Supplier Partners. You are also invited to attend N1's Annual General Meeting in February for exclusive networking!